Grand Lodge Of Quebec


St Alban’s Lodge was instituted on the 4th of May 1927, in the then Montreal Masonic Temple by the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Walter Hagar. All but two of the Charter Members were present on this occasion and were witness to the Installation of V.W. Bro. E. Lewis as Worshipful Master. Many Brethren from our Sponsors Eastern Star Lodge No. 74 were also in attendance for this most impressive ceremony.

The first Regular Communication of the Lodge (under dispensation) was held on the 7th of June 1927, at which time Bro. A.M. Wentworth had the distinction of being the first Member initiated by the Lodge, with R.W. Bro. T. Essery being in charge of the ceremony.

St. Alban’s Lodge obtained its Charter and was designated No. 106 on the Grand Register of the Grand Lodge of Quebec on the 8th of Febrary 1928. Our then Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Henry Willis presided at this most important ceremony, in the presence of the 118 Brethren who recorded their signatures in the Register. Many valuable gifts vital to the proper furnishings and paraphernalia of the Lodge were received from other Lodges within and even without the Jurisdiction, together with numerous good wishes for the prosperity and long life of the Lodge.

Various unavoidable circumstances made it necessary for the Lodge to occupy several different locations over the first 40 years of its existence, until the penultimate relocation to the Wesley United Church Hall on the corner of Notre Dame de Grace and Royal Avenue, where the Lodge was privileged to enjoy uninterrupted tenancy for some 25 years or so. The Lodge is presently well established in its new Lodge rooms on the 7th floor of The Montreal Memorial Temple where it is hoped will remain active for the next 25 years in anticipation of its 100th anniversary.

St. Alban’s Lodge No. 106 has participated in many most worthy and outstanding projects, not least of which was accepting without hesitation the honor and responsibility of being Sponsors for the new Lodge of Two Mountains No. 122 instituted on the 16th of April 1952. Other projects include but are not limited to:

The Quebec Masons’ War Relief Campaign

The Southern Ski Trails (Norman Holland Fund)

The Masonic Memorial Hall Fund

The All Masons’ Hospital for Crippled Children (Shriners' Hospital)

The St. Alban’s South Africa Building Fund and Numerous

Donations to Local Charities through The Masonic Board of Relief.

Like all other human Institutions, St. Alban’s Lodge No. 106 over the last 75 years has inevitably passed through periods of enthusiasm and prosperity, financial difficulties and depressions, harmony and discord. Fortunately, Masonry was instituted to surmount these tendencies of human fallibility and we are proud to say that today, our Lodge is doing well and the strong faith of our founders has been more than fully justified. All who celebrate this 75th Anniversary will be able to look back with pride to the birth of the Lodge, to look forward to the future and the efforts and continuous good works of promoting the spirit of Brotherhood among our fellow human beings.

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and rewarding decisions ever made by the Lodge was to participate in what started as an idea, received in October 1952 in a letter from W. Bro. Bob Savage of St. Alban’s Lodge No. 56 of Floral Park, Long Island, New York. The Original proposal was to communicate with and exchange Notices and other items between all Lodges bearing the illustrious name of St. Alban’s. W. Bro. Savage went on to suggest that thought be given to the future and the possible planning of a gala get-together of all these St. Alban’s Lodges at some centrally located city. Thus was conceived the future birth of the Annual Gathering of International Lodges Named St. Alban’s. The first took place at Floral Park, N.Y. on the 9th of October 1954 and each fall, in countries as far flung as New Zealand and the United Kingdom. For several years St. Alban’s Lodges No. 106 was privileged to be at the forefront of the planning for many years of these Gatherings, having in its ranks R.W. Bro. Victor Shamy, who held the office of International Chairman. It has also had the honour of being the hosts of a Gathering on four previous occasions, in October 1955, 1964, 1974 and 1981 bringing us to the 49th Gathering  which we were  privileged to host it again in 2002.


Dispensation: On 4 May, 1927, St.  Alban's" lodge No.106 was instituted in the Masonic Temple by  Most Worshipful Brother the Grand master, Walter C. Hagar and the full complement of Grand Lodge officers. Our sponsors, therefore our Mother Lodge The Eastern Star Lodge No. 74 were present at this function and presented generous gifts to our lodge.

The following officers were appointed to act under the dispensation: Bro. E. Lewis (WM), Bro.. (S.W.), (J.W.), Bro. (Treas.), Bro. (Sec.), Bro. (S.D.), Bro. (J.D.), Bro. (S.S.), Bro. (Tyler.).

Founding members:

V.W.  Bro. E Lewis
V.W.  Bro. T. Ferguson
W.  Bro. J.N. Barnes
W.  Bro. R. Burgess
V.W.  Bro. H.A. Becho
V.W.  Bro J.A. Williams
Rt.W.  Bro K.F. Fewtrell
W.  Bro. J Vissenga

First Regular Communication: Was held on June 7, 1927,(under dispensation) when Bro. A. M. Wentworth had the distinction of being the first member initiated and the ceremony was performed by R.W. Bro. T. Essery.


Date of Warrant or Charter received: On 8 February, 1928,the Lodge obtained the Charter from the hands of  Most Worshipful Brother the Grand Master, Henri Willis.