Master's Message

Dear Brother and Visitor

St. Alban’s Lodge No. 106 A.F. & A.M., G.R.Q.
Upon joining this great communication system “the internet”, wishes to convey brotherly greetings to all Brethren, and also to all those who have access to our website.

In this era of computers, it is worthwhile for all of us to reflect awhile on the use we make of computer facilities. The services provided by computers should be useful and beneficial to mankind; they should not be geared to damage it.

The purpose of our Great Masonic Institution is, above all else, to seek and project the perfection of the individual human being. And through the practical example of our own behavior help improve our environment. For this reason, Masons should be careful with their expressions, thus giving an example of prudence and sobriety.

It is with these concepts that we wish to introduce Freemasonry and place ourselves in the service of the whole world, in order to exchange criteria and viewpoints on issues that could help improve our global environment, and at the same time those in need.

Equality, Brotherhood, Charity – These are the foundations upon which we can begin developing discussion themes about our common spiritual enrichment.
We are firmly convinced that we are equal, and we pledge ourselves to the values of Brotherhood and Charity among us.